‎David J. Phillips @davj / 11:30 AM PST • March 7, 2023

Intrinsic launched on Y Combinator’s "Launch YC" last week.

Launch YC: 🌔 Intrinsic - Safety tooling for Trust & Safety teams

helps Trust & Safety teams maintain high-quality content communities, monitor brand safety, and keep their users safe. It enables your Trust & Safety team to tell cohesive stories from policy to product, to enforcement.

Founded by Karine Mellata and Michael Lin, they're working to help connect safety teams with the best tools available to prevent abusive behavior and tell better stories. With experience at Apple and Discord, they've built Trust & Safety infrastructure that protected both platforms from online abuse.  


Intrinsic integrates policy management, data engineering, moderator workflow management, and content understanding under one platform.

Image Credits: Intrinsic

‎With a focus on scalability and composability of processes to help a company move faster in responding to evolving threats:

  • They handle setting up detection, enforcement, policy management, and integrating an observability platform designed for Trust and Safety.
  • They focus on helping you get up and running end-to-end in minutes for a new safety product integration.
  • They automatically make all Trust & Safety actions, whether banning users or flagging content for review, to be logged and measurable.
  • They can help diagnose failures by tracing safety stories that span disparate products, for example tracing a particular enforcement back to a specific clause of terms and conditions that was breached.
Image Credits: Intrinsic

‎Great for:

  • Engineers implementing safety features into products
  • Product managers and directors of Trust & Safety teams

"Product, to enforcement. Get set up in minutes."


If you know anyone who’s ever had issues with the following:

  • Spam, fake accounts, bots
  • Low-quality content
  • High-harm content (bullying, child safety issues, violent speech)

Contact the Intrinsic team and schedule a demo!

March 7, 2023
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