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Launch YC: 🚀 Infinity- Modern banking solutions for SMBs and startups

"Put High-Growth Finances in Motion With Infinity"

Infinity empowers founders to take care of their business while they safely and seamlessly take care of their banking and investments.

Founded by Sourav Choraria and Sidharth Choraria

🤔 Problem

Cash is like oxygen for startups; founders sometimes take it for granted, but it keeps your business alive. Even if you have a great product, growing revenue, and a steady talent pipeline, if you run out of cash, your company is dead.

Given the importance of cash, cash management is an indispensable skill that every founder should possess to sustain a business.

Drawing from their experiences as founders and insights gained through interactions with other entrepreneurs, they've observed that a significant portion of funds remain dormant in bank accounts, earning low or zero (sometimes negative) returns. This exposes startups' capital base to many risks, including inflation. Considering a 5-year average inflation rate of 5%, every $100 languishing in the bank today could only afford services worth $95 the following year. This situation is undeniably frustrating!

Also, premium wealth-building strategies and custom treasury services are a privilege reserved for large enterprises, leaving most companies with meager options that barely outpace inflation.

🤩The Solution

Introducing Infinity!

Infinity facilitates businesses to prudently manage surplus funds through a digital platform that can provide custom solutions with access to major financial products like G-secs, corporate bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs. SMBs can earn higher yields on their idle cash without having to worry about liquidity and underlying asset risk.

They aim to cater to every financial need of their clients by providing them with customized portfolio recommendations (basis risk profile) and automated rule-based investment /disinvestment. They ensure strong portfolio governance through superior execution, risk mitigation, and deployment of continuous monitoring mechanisms.

Image Credits: Infinity

Infinity optimizes for maximum safety, liquidity, and then yield. They want to achieve good yields for customers but, at the same time, invest in low-risk investment assets.

Their long-term vision is to be the financial operating system for businesses by automating daily financial tasks, allowing businesses to focus on what matters most.

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February 26, 2024
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