Hyperbound launched on Y Combinator's "Launch YC" recently!

Launch YC: 🚀 Hyperbound: Hyper-personalize your sales emails at scale

"Hyper-Personalize Your Sales Emails At Scale"

instantly researches your prospects and links your company's value prop to their specific needs. Research, generate, and launch hundreds of personalized email campaigns with one click.

Founded by Sriharsha Guduguntla & Atul Raghunathan. The team behind Hyperbound have been close friends since high school. The duo has worked on everything from the ML behind Meta’s Ad Personalization to Salesforce’s Einstein Chatbots. They're putting all their Salestech and NLP research experience into building the next generation of content personalization!


Say goodbye to generic templates—hyper-personalize your sales emails at scale with Hyperbound. Instantly research your prospects and link your company’s value prop to their specific needs.

Hyperbound researches prospects from 40+ web sources, including LinkedIn, Google, TechCrunch, Gartner, Crunchbase, etc., and organizes domain-specific data from tools like 6sense, ZoomInfo, Clearbit, and your chosen CRM. Hyperbound's AI creates individual personas for each prospect and customizes a personalized sales email campaign in your voice to address their pain points and preferred communication style. Strict guardrails ensure reliably high-quality output, ready to send with your sales enablement platforms (Outreach, Salesloft, Apollo, HubSpot, etc) without the need for additional review.

🧨 The Problem: Personalization isn’t scalable

🟥 Sales emails, especially for B2B sales, must be personalized to stand out in a crowded inbox. In B2B sales, time spent at the outbound stage can have a massive ROI. More high-quality outbound emails → more chance of contacting the lead that will convert.

🟥 Personalized sales emails have at least double the response rate as basic templated emails, but researching your prospects and drafting exceptional personalized sales emails takes time.

💡Hyperbound's Solution: Reliably High-quality Automatic Personalization

Book a demo at: hyperbound.ai

Image Credits: Hyperbound

✅ Research, generate, and launch hundreds of personalized email campaigns with one click

✅ Integrate with your sales enablement tools, industry-specific data enrichment, and CRM of choice (ex: Outreach, ZoomInfo, Salesforce)

✅ Maintain your voice — your emails sound like you!

✅ Automatically identify personas and adjust messaging experimentally

Image Credits: Hyperbound

🟣 Connect your solution with the specific pain points of each prospect for optimal engagement

🟣 Subject lines that are tuned to the psychology of each prospect

🟣 Data-driven modeling adjusts email and subject wording for each persona

🟣 Improve your custom AI engine with natural language feedback

Image Credits: Hyperbound

🟪 Enjoy tough guardrails — brand-safe messaging without hallucinations

"Build your first Hyperbound campaign in minutes"


🌐 Visit www.hyperbound.ai to learn more!

🤝 Reach out today to get access to Hyperbound's latest email personalization algorithm! Let the founders know if you’re interested in a pilot. Bonus points for feedback!

📨 Have an outbound email campaign? Know anyone who does? Ask them to book a demo at hyperbound.ai or drop the team a note!

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July 31, 2023
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