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Launch YC: 🏠 HostAI - The operating system for vacation rentals

"The new standard for vacation rental teams."
Provides an all-in-one platform that helps vacation rental managers deliver 5-star guest experiences at scale. One tool to automate your guest messages, maintenance ticketing, phone calls, open-night upsells, and STR operations.

Founded by Punn Kam and Cole Rubin, and they're on a mission to streamline operations for the $120B vacation rental industry.


HostAI streamlines guest services, team management, maintenance, and marketing for vacation rental managers. The platform removes the complexity of management so managers can focus on providing great hospitality.

Problem: Vacation rental management is hard

It’s like operating 50 different hotel rooms spread across an entire region. Each property requires its own processes, rules, and team members. Managers use 5-10 different third-party apps to manage everything effectively.

A fragmented tech stack creates multiple failure points for something to get missed, which can negatively impact the guest experience (i.e. the door code didn’t get updated before their check-in).

✅ HostAI's Solution: Compound Software

HostAI aggregates information and builds native tools that make managing easier. They also provide modern integrations that enable managers to build workflows to the tools they already use (i.e. Slack or Notion).

Main features include:

• Guest communication: Handle phone calls and messaging in one place

• Payroll and Compliance: Pay team members and manage permits

• Maintenance management: Ticketing automation and assignment with AI

• Loyalty programs: Encourage rebookings and build a boutique travel brand

• IoT integrations: Seamless communication with your hardware (i.e. door locks & thermostats)

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March 6, 2024
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