HeyPurple recently launched!

Launch YC: HeyPurple: An AI leasing assistant for landlords and property managers

"Your personal AI leasing assistant that never sleeps"

Purple is an AI virtual assistant that answers questions 24/7 directly from your listings and books prospective tenants for tours.

Founded by Ryan Ali, Joshua Passell, and Aditya Ganapathi

About HeyPurple

Purple is an AI leasing assistant for landlords and property management companies. Their customizable AI answers questions directly from your listings and books prospective tenants for tours after only 10 minutes of coaching via chat.

They're starting with leasing, while the ultimate goal is to equip all types of small business owners with AI virtual employees that can help with everything from digital marketing and sales to customer service and operations. With over 30M small businesses in the U.S. alone, one-size-fits-all software was never going to cut it – HeyPurple is creating the AI-first Operating System for SMBs.

The Problem

Property managers deal with the pain of manually messaging prospective tenants around the clock in order to fill their vacancies. The questions are often repetitive and can come at any hour of the day through multiple channels (SMS, email, Facebook Messenger), adding overhead to their already busy schedule. However, responding to leads instantly is critical to converting quality leads in competitive rental markets.

Big PM companies solve this problem by using structured leasing processes that take advantage of their standardized offerings and policies (i.e., similar floor plans, flexible tour scheduling with on-site leasing offices, etc.). SMBs who run a scrappier business and can’t pay for custom software are left without a solution – HeyPurple noticed this when they saw a mom & pop PM company they were working with respond to hundreds of inquiries per week (the PM company even hired a VA to help with the load).

The Solution

HeyPurple provides a customizable AI leasing assistant that responds to every property inquiry and books prospective tenants for tours.

LLMs and Generative AI provide a critical layer of intelligence required to quickly set up customized leasing assistants for SMBs. Their AI will:

  1. Learn about your properties and policies by scraping your data (website, listings, etc.)
  2. Customize the style/flow of its responses through a quick conversation
  3. Answer prospective tenant questions 24/7 and will check with a human when unsure about how to answer
  4. Sync with your calendar and book prospective tenants for a tour

Image Credits: HeyPurple

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February 16, 2024
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