GovernGPT has officially launched! The platform reviews marketing materials in Real-Time using AI - like “Grammarly” but for Compliance. The AI-driven tool for investment management compliance streamlines the review of marketing materials, ensuring adherence to SEC and FINRA regulations. Operating in real-time, GovernGPT is designed to simplify and enhance compliance processes within the financial sector.

Launch YC: GovernGPT: Grammarly for Compliance

About GovernGPT

GovernGPT offers a practical and efficient AI-based tool for investment management firms, aiding in navigating the intricacies of financial regulations with greater ease and accuracy. Designed to streamline the compliance process, this platform, similar to 'Grammarly' in providing real-time feedback, ensures that marketing materials comply with financial sector regulations from bodies like the SEC and FINRA. Its implementation leads to enhanced efficiency, reduced compliance risks, and a smoother workflow for creating regulatory-compliant materials.

Addressing Industry Challenges

The investment management field often faces significant delays in content approval due to extensive review processes, repetitive errors, and lack of consistency. These issues lead to delayed communications with investors and a frustrating process for content creators. GovernGPT offers a solution by providing immediate feedback during content creation, allowing authors to address compliance issues promptly. This approach streamlines the review process, enhances consistency, and minimizes errors.

Features of GovernGPT

  • Real-Time AI Feedback: Immediate review and feedback as documents are being written.
  • Regulatory Knowledge: AI understanding of SEC and FINRA regulations to ensure compliant communications.
  • Efficient Review Process: Quickens the time required for content approval.
  • Consistency and Learning: Promotes uniformity in the review process and helps inculcate compliance awareness.
  • Problematic Language Detection: Identifies and suggests alternatives for non-compliant language, with explanations for changes.

Founders' Background

Founders Mamal Amini (Left) and Oliver Walerys (Right)

GovernGPT was co-founded by Mamal and Oliver, who share a deep interest in technology, particularly in AI and machine learning. Their combined expertise in creating Large Language Models, tooling development, consulting, and academic contributions in machine learning positions them well to lead this venture.

Getting Started with GovernGPT

  • Demo Availability: Interested individuals can schedule a demo to explore GovernGPT's capabilities.
  • Free Pilot Program: A month-long free pilot is available for SEC/FINRA regulated firms.
  • Reach out to Mamal for queries or to connect with the GovernGPT team with Compliance, Operations, or Marketing professionals within SEC or FINRA regulated Investment Management Firms.

Learn More

Further information and updates about GovernGPT can be found at:

January 16, 2024
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