Last week, together with our friends at Capchase, we hosted a special edition of our Fondo's Founders Exchange series. It was a fun, founder party where people from all over gathered to learn, network, and celebrate Tech Week.

Photos 📸

We were happy to welcome many different founders at our event.

But it wasn't just about work! We were pleased to see everyone enjoying the food and drinks, making the event fun and friendly. This helped people to build both business and personal relationships. The good vibes helped make the event a success.

We're looking forward to holding more Founders Exchanges throughout the year. At Fondo, we are dedicated to growing, and being active participants in, a diverse and active tech community. We hope you'll join us for the many other events we have planned, each one aimed at bringing together and supporting every part of the tech ecosystem.

June 6, 2023
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