Forfeit launched on Y Combinator's "Launch YC" recently.

Launch YC: 📱 Forfeit App - Complete your habits or we take your money

 is an iOS/Android app that takes your money if you don’t do what you say you’re going to do. You must submit photo/timelapse evidence of you completing said habit, which they then manually verify on their end, or they take your money.

Founded by Josh Mitchell & Eddie Raven. Josh is currently a junior at Stanford, and Eddie is a Software Engineer. Throughout the pandemic, they began working on creating Forfeit, and have been refining it over the past few years.


🔹 Set a Forfeit

Set a bet that you'll get a task done - and specify how much you'll pay if you fail to do it. For example, "I'll submit a photo of myself at the gym by 9 AM or I'll Forfeit $10."

🔹 Submit evidence

Submit evidence of you having done the task. Forfeit accepts photo, timelapse, and self-verification evidence

🔹 Wait for verification

A member of the team will review your Forfeit within 12 hours. If the evidence shows you completed your task - great! If it doesn't, or if you failed to submit evidence on time, they take your $$$

✅ Forfeit works for pretty much anything you'd want to do, but just can't stick to👇

Waking up on time (eg, a photo of your toothbrush) ⭐ Working out (eg, a photo inside a gym) ⭐ Reading (eg, a timelapse of yourself reading for 30 minutes) ⭐ Meditating (eg, a timelapse of you meditating) ⭐ Running (eg, a photo of you in your running shoes outside) ⭐ Finishing an essay on time (eg, a photo of your essay submitted on your student portal) ⭐ Walking the dog in the morning (eg, a photo of your dog on a park trail) ⭐ Doing laundry (eg, a photo of your laundry in the washer).

Image Credits: Forfeit

Many people find it hard to form habits, and for some, Forfeit's app can act as a powerful motivator. The company has gained a loyal group of users who rely on the app to achieve goals, and integrate it successfully into their daily lives.


🌐 Visit to learn more!

👉 Try out the iOS app or get in the Google Play Store!

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March 24, 2023
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