Fluently recently launched!

Launch YC: 💁‍♀️ Fluently: Use Zoom calls to improve your English

"The most effortless way to become fluent."
Fluently is an app that helps non-native professionals improve their English with instant feedback after each Zoom call. Imagine having a personal coach, always listening and providing tips.

Founded by
Yurii Rebryk & Stanislav Beliaev

Check out the demo ⤵️

Problem — Getting fluent in English is hard
  • English level hits a plateau: Once you reach a certain level, it becomes difficult to progress further with traditional methods despite facing challenges in expressing yourself clearly and confidently.
  • Learning requires a lot of time and effort: Methods for language improvement require additional activities, that are time-consuming and do not fit into the busy schedules of non-native professionals.
  • A lack of feedback: Non-natives often feel nervous about their English level and mistakes. However, colleagues and even tutors fall short of providing targeted feedback that may help them improve.

Solution — Get actionable feedback on every call
  • Learn on the go: Fluently runs in the background, analyzes your speech, and you receive instant feedback after each call. The app supports every meeting platform, with no bots joining your calls.
  • Personalized insights: Fluently offers a more efficient and convenient way to identify areas you need to improve by providing personalized feedback on your real-life speech.
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  • Actionable feedback: Practice pronunciation, improve fluency, and grow your active vocabulary to boost your English skills.

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Who is this for?
  • Non-native professionals who want to achieve English fluency and communicate with clarity and confidence.
  • International companies who want to boost communication efficiency, get insights on English levels from real-life calls, and help employees improve.

Learn More
🌐 Visit www.getfluently.app to learn more

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🎓 Know any multinational companies that invest resources in English learning? Reach out to the founders!

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March 12, 2024
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