Flair Health launched on Y Combinator's "Launch YC" recently!

Launch YC: Flair Health – Tackling chronic disease by unlocking personal lifestyle data

"Help 100 million Americans reverse chronic disease through data-driven lifestyle medicine."

Flair supports employee physical & mental health through personalized, data-driven care from top-rated lifestyle medicine doctors.

Founded by Diva Sharma and Shobha Dasari, both power users of health data trackers and lifestyle medicine. Diva built and patented an internationally-recognized remote patient monitoring device at age 15. Shobha led product and operations at several digital health startups and authored a book titled Hacking Healthcare.

The two met as undergraduates at Stanford, and found themselves geeking out about precision medicine and preventative care. The duo's personal experiences with chronic disease and health tracking encouraged them to build Flair.


Flair is building the platform for clinicians to leverage patient lifestyle data to treat the core drivers of chronic disease, such as diabetes and heart disease, through personalized interventions. Flair Health's software analyzes hundreds of lifestyle data points not traditionally analyzed in a primary care visit and creates structured recommendations uniquely suited for a patient.

The goal is simple: to help 100 million Americans reverse their chronic disease through personalized care, lifestyle-based care.

❌ The Problem

80% of chronic conditions can be prevented with improvements in lifestyle, but the average 20-minute primary care visit is unable to adequately analyze and address these health behaviors. As a result, patients become reliant on medications to imperfectly manage their symptoms, leading to poorer health outcomes and high costs.

Lifestyle medicine is growing rapidly (17-fold increase in certified doctors since 2014), yet clinicians lack the right tools to quantitatively unlock insights into a patient’s diet, sleep, stress, and exercise, making it difficult to scale this form of medical practice.

✅ Solution

Flair’s software enables lifestyle medicine clinicians to analyze hundreds of specific data points about a patient’s health (such as gut microbiome, stress responses, and vitamin/mineral levels) to create ultra-personalized health plans.

Flair reaches patients through self-insured employers, some of whom have projected 20% less healthcare spending attributed to the inclusion of lifestyle medicine in their health plans.

No more one-size-fits-all treatments for chronic conditions – this is the way healthcare should work.

Image Credits: Flair Health

"Building healthier workforces through lifestyle medicine"


🌐 Visit www.flairhealth.com to learn more!

📝 Know any Head of Benefits/People or Health Insurance Brokers for US companies with 100+ employees? Reach out to the Flair Health team!

🤝 If you have Doctors & nurses in your network who:

🔵 Practice primary care or integrative, functional, holistic, or lifestyle medicine
🔵 Have built programs around nutrition/diet, exercise, sleep, stress, wearables, and/or labs. Make the intro!

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August 16, 2023
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