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Launch YC: πŸ”₯πŸ‘Š - Find the best companies to sell to
"Discover the best sales leads using natural language in seconds"
Qualify every venture-backed company using natural language over scraped websites, job listings, LinkedIn posts, and more to discover the best leads to sell to.

Founded by
Aman Gottumukkala & Kevin Tang

❌ Problem: Noisy Leads Lists

Existing lead gen tools like Apollo and Crunchbase only offer basic filtering options (e.g. employee count and industry tags) which results in a surplus of irrelevant leads.

This requires sales teams and founders to spend hours a day manually qualifying companies by researching websites, job postings, and Linkedin, forcing them to miss out on great leads and wasting effort on bad leads.


πŸ”₯ Solution: Firebender

Firebender eliminates noisy lead lists and days of researching by automatically qualifying thousands of companies in seconds. You can run any natural language query for any company to find deeper insights and qualify leads.

Ask questions like:

  • β€œDoes this company use large language models?”
  • β€œDoes this company need SOC 2 compliance?”
  • β€œWhat types of clinic patients does this company serve?”


πŸ‘Š Firebender In Action

One of their Series D customers was able to find 1000s of companies that have an FAQ on their website, have a support team of at least 10 employees, and are consumer-facing.

firebender GIF

They also generated and exported the emails and LinkedIn profiles of key executive decision-makers to start a conversation with!

firebender GIF


Check out their demo video: HERE

‍Learn More

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Try it for free and please give them feedback!
🀝 Tell people about Firebender! Know someone unsatisfied with their lead gen process? Make the intro!

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May 17, 2024
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