David J. Phillips @davj / 11:30 PM PST • March 16, 2023

‎Feather launched on Y Combinator’s "Launch YC" recently.

Launch YC: Feather — Bloomberg Terminal for retail traders

 is the first one-stop solution for retail traders to analyze any investment, anywhere in the world. Empowering everyday investors to make informed, wealth-building decisions with data available only to Wall Street until now.

Founded by Ash Rai & Patrick Higgins, before Feather, Ash founded a long-only, value-oriented hedge fund from his dorm room at Vanderbilt. After exhausting access to the on-campus Bloomberg Terminal, Ash was forced to find an alternative that didn't cost over $25,000 per year. Discovering that no existing platform provided an affordable solution, Ash teamed up with Patrick to build their own solution. With a background in Computer Science and Business, Patrick leads the development of Feather's backend and data platform.


Feather provides real-time financial data on every major tradeable asset class, from equities, options, and bonds to commodities, currencies, and macroeconomies. Feather’s pricing starts at just $39 per month, providing real-time data on 48,000 companies, 180,000 options, 11,000 institutions, 10,000 individuals, and more.

Using Feather, Investors can discover insider trades, check analysts’ growth and earnings expectations, and compare companies’ valuation multiples — all in one place, within seconds.

🔹 Analyze Company Fundamentals, Ratios, Comparables, Earnings Beats/Misses, and Analyst Coverage
Image Credits: Feather
🔹 Discover Ideas by Exploring Insider Trades, Institutional Holdings, and More
Image Credits: Feather
🔹 Additional Features Include Live Options Flow (Watch in Real-Time as Market-Moving Trades Come In) and Screening
Image Credits: Feather
‎"Wall Street data. Main Street price."


Check out Feather at https://try-feather.com — 7-day free trial, no credit card required.

Follow on Twitter @tryfeather

Send your feedback and feature requests to Ash — Feather launched the latest set of features based on customer requests, and would love to build the next set based on yours!

Have asset/wealth/hedge fund managers in your network? Make the intro!  ⭐‎

March 17, 2023
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