Duckie recently launched!

Launch YC: Duckie: Your AI technical support assistant 🐥

"Resolve Engineering Issues Faster"
AI engineering support assistant that learns from your knowledge base to provide curated responses to each issue. They lift the support burden from engineers so they can get back to shipping features.

Founded by Valerie Li and Joel Ritossa

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The Problem - Too many support requests, too little time.

Resolving technical issues takes a lot of time, and they are often time-sensitive. Most issues can be solved with better knowledge-sharing. So much relevant information is in your team’s knowledge base, but it’s tough to find.

  • A lot of important information is tribal knowledge stuck in a teammate’s head.
  • Written knowledge is still siloed and scattered across Slack, Jira, docs, everywhere!
  • Once you find the docs, they’re always out of date (who likes writing documentation??).


Duckie connects to your team’s knowledge sources (i.e. Slack, Jira, Confluence, Sentry, etc) to find relevant information and generate issue resolutions in minutes while writing back to your documentation to keep the knowledge base up-to-date.

Is your customer getting an error message while OAuthing into your product? Duckie’s there to help. Your user is facing an issue using your API? Duckie can handle that. Your new engineer is having trouble setting up a local environment? Leave it to Duckie!

Instantly understand your issue and how to resolve it

When a new issue comes up in your support channel, Duckie responds in the thread with where to look and how to resolve it, with reference sources.

Image Credits: Duckie
Conversational copilot to investigate with you

Have follow-up questions? Instead of waiting for hours for human responses, Duckie responds instantly and gets you unblocked ASAP.

Image Credits: Duckie
Keep your documentation up-to-date automatically

Duckie keeps your team’s documentation up-to-date with learning picked up during issue resolution. Duckie also handles post-mortems, status updates, and more.

Image Credits: Duckie

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March 12, 2024
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