David J. Phillips @davj / 10:00 AM PST • February 8, 2023

Drift Bio launched on Y Combinator’s "Launch YC” recently.

Launch YC: Drift Bio: The operating system for life sciences data

Dubbed "The Operating System for Biological Data", Drift Bio makes software to get life sciences data into the cloud and manage bioinformatics workflows.

Founded by Evan Zimmerman & Len Boyette, the team is passionate about life sciences and the ability of software to transform the way life sciences do business by fixing their software.


Drift Bio offers life sciences organizations a useful, next-generation tool for managing and analyzing their data.

Companies can easily upload their data, create and manage workflows, store data in one central place, and collaborate/share with others without needing to handle any technical infrastructure or engineering.

Image Credits: Drift Bio

It helps them scale their work and make it simple to use.

Through in-house management tools, it enables users to access popular open source tools, (including custom code across multiple languages), or deploy their own software IP, and get into the cloud, without having to manage infrastructure or clusters.

Image Credits: Drift Bio

And without even having to change your code, you can turn it into a GUI so that others can use the software.

At its core, Drift is a platform for data. It creates different entry points for everyone across any life science organization to get their data in the cloud, analyze it, and make their work reproducible in a shareable way.


Visit the Drift Bio website for more info

If you work at a life sciences organization, consider contacting the Drift Bio team. Discuss your use case with them, and they'll be sure to tell you how Drift can help you experience bioinformatics without the hassle of a complex backend.

February 8, 2023
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