DraftAid recently launched!

Launch YC: DraftAid: Automate your CAD drawings with AI!

"Automate your CAD drawings with AI!"

Engineers designing everything from cars to skyscrapers use their software to turn 3D models into the detailed 2D fabrication drawings that manufacturers require.

Founded by Mohammed Al-arnawoot, Abdullah Elqabbany & Tahsin Rahman!


Mechanical engineers and designers dedicate around 40% of their time to the labor-intensive process of converting 3D models into 2D fabrication drawings, crucial for manufacturers. Using DraftAid, teams can automate this process with a single click and:

  • Save considerable time
  • Direct their focus toward more value-added tasks
  • Cut down on drawing errors, preventing expensive manufacturing mistakes

The problem

Modern design teams initiate their design by 3D modeling. To get their design manufactured, they need to make 2D drawings that look something like this:

Making 2D drawings for what’s already been modeled in 3D takes up considerable time and energy. Design teams find themselves stuck investing 40% of their time in this manual task. This causes project delays while keeping talented designers busy doing repetitive tasks.

Like any other repetitive manual task, making drawings can also be quite error-prone. Even with accurate designs, errors often sneak in and are only found when fixing them is an expensive endeavor.


The startup's innovation streamlines the drafting process making it as effortless as a single click. Once engineers complete their 3D design, a single click swiftly produces a manufacturing-ready 2D drawing within seconds.

The resulting drawing is entirely editable, allowing engineers to make any necessary adjustments before sending it off for manufacturing.

DraftAid allows teams to slash their current drawing time by up to 90% and eliminate common drawing errors. This not only enhances efficiency but also ensures consistency in drawings throughout the company, improving overall readability.

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March 24, 2024
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