Docsum launched on Y Combinator's "Launch YC" recently!

Launch YC: 🔍 Docsum - AI contract reviewer for sales teams

"AI contract reviewer for sales teams"

is an AI contract reviewer for sales teams. With Docsum, sales teams don't have to wait for their lawyer to respond to redlines on a contract, they can do it themselves.

Founded by Shaunak Turaga & Alex Leonov. Shaunak has experience as a developer and product manager at Pacaso, OpenTrack, and Capital One. Alex has experience as a developer and architect at Pacaso and Fidelity. They worked on growth and global expansion while at Pacaso. The team is focused on building an eco-system of tooling which includes an app, native Word + Google plugins, and email integrations where legal and sales teams work.

Reviewing sales contracts and responding to customer redlines is expensive, time-consuming, and hard to manage. Smaller organizations don’t have the budget for external legal spend, and larger teams are bottlenecked by complex workflows. The team have experienced the challenges with sales contracting as previous founders, and are on a mission to help sales teams close deals faster and save money on their legal spend.


 is an AI contract reviewer for sales teams. With Docsum, sales teams don't have to wait for their lawyer to respond to redlines on a contract, they can do it themselves. Start reviewing your contracts now.


🟥  Sales teams often own the contracting process from reviewing NDAs to sending out MSAs. Sales teams are motivated to respond to clients quickly and reduce their time to close but their ability to review and respond to contract redlines is contingent on collaboration with their legal counsel. This process can be expensive, time consuming, and hard to manage.

🟥  For smaller teams, basic contract review and contract negotiation services with external counsel can be incredibly expensive and time consuming.

🟥  For larger organizations, in-house counsels are burdened by high matter volumes that often position them as bottlenecks within sales cycles.

Docsum — an AI legal copilot for sales teams

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✅  Review: Use Docsum to upload a legal contract and get a comprehensive summary and ask its AI attorney questions.

✅  Analyze: Get a list of potential red flags and proposed redlines to negotiate with.

Image Credits: Docsum

✅  Playbook: Upload your redlined contract to get advice on how to respond with suggested resolutions sourced from your organization’s configured playbook or from Docsum's pre-configured playbook trained by their human attorneys.

How is Docsum different?

: Currently, Docsum is focused on being the best-in-class legal analysis and contract negotiation tool. The Docsum team believes they can integrate into your existing contract life cycle processes.

🔌 Interoperable: The founders believe the best solutions are integrated where people work so they plan to build an eco-system of tooling which includes Docsum's web application, native Word + Google plugins, where legal and sales teams work.

💪🏽 Collaborative: The Docsum team believes that legal teams are essential for creating and preserving value for organizations. The team's hope is to enable organizations to engage their legal counsel in a more strategic and efficient manner. They aren’t trying to replace lawyers with AI.

"Close deals faster with the power of AI - Supercharge your sales contracting workflows from review to negotiation by 3x"


🌐 Visit to learn more!

📝 Sign up today: Do you deal with sales contracts? Sign up to try Docsum today

🤝 Know of any founders, CROs, sales leaders, deal desk teams, general counsels, or transactional attorneys that might be interested in reducing their time to close and achieve more efficient contracting workflows? Make the intro!

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August 1, 2023
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