David J. Phillips @davj / 5:00 PM PST • March 7, 2023

Dill launched on Y Combinator’s "Launch YC" recently.

Launch YC: 🌿 Dill - Faster payments in foodservice distribution

is a digital invoicing & payments tool for foodservice distributors. It helps them get paid faster & get time back on more sales.

Founded in 2022 by Catherine Jiang, a second-time founder digitizing the food supply chain. Drawing from extensive experience, including a prior startup acquisition in b2b commerce and a former PM role at Yelp, Catherine brings invaluable industry insights and a genuine passion for the food sector to Dill.


Dill is bringing the invoicing & payments process online, and is built specifically for the unique workflows of the food supply chain.

Users of the platform have gotten paid 20% faster and gotten 20 hours per week back on new sales & better customer service.

Image Credits: Dill

Foodservice distributors are tasked with processing many invoices on a daily basis. Their greatest challenge lies in ensuring timely payments. Late payments from restaurants are often a result of missing invoices and proof of delivery, which can be attributed to the fact that the invoicing process is still heavily reliant on paper-based systems.

This is where Dill comes in - a digital solution to traditional paper-based invoicing.


Visit 👉 www.usedill.com

Know any foodservice distributors? Contact the Dill team and make an intro 🤝

Building in AR/AP? Reach out and discuss ideas and share learnings with the Dill team 💬

March 7, 2023
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