Danswer recently launched!

Launch YC: Danswer - Open Source Unified Search

"Find the information you need, faster"

Danswer lets you connect to all your team’s tools (like Confluence, Google Drive, Slack, Notion, etc.) for a single place to Search and Chat with your team’s documents

Founded by Chris Weaver & Yuhong Sun

About Danswer

Imagine a secure ChatGPT with access to your team’s specific knowledge. As modern teams grow, knowledge becomes dispersed and hard to find. By giving Large Language Models access to parse your knowledge base, Danswer can instantly filter through millions of documents to only surface what is relevant.

Try for Free Here: https://app.danswer.ai/

Get Started On-Prem: https://docs.danswer.dev/quickstart

Image Credits: Danswer

Teams use Danswer to improve efficiencies from:

  • Improving turnaround times for support by reducing the time taken to find relevant documentation.
  • Helping sales teams get customer context instantly by combing through calls and notes.
  • Preventing lost engineering time to answering cross-team questions, building duplicate features due to the inability to surface old tickets or code merges, and helping on-call resolve critical issues faster by providing the complete history of an error in one place.
  • Self-serving onboarding for new members who don’t know where to find information.

The Danswer difference: 

Danswer is open source. You have complete transparency into what is going on with your team’s documents. The deployment of Danswer and your data are completely in your control (a Cloud version is also offered if you prefer being hands-off). You can hook Danswer up with any LLM of your choice or one in-house if you prefer.

Danswer uses the latest methods in information retrieval to make the most of the revolution that is happening in the natural language processing space. Specifically, the platform uses prefix-aware embedding models trained with contrastive loss + BM25 Hybrid Search with reranking options and additional pipeline improvements such as query expansion etc.

You can also use Danswer to directly get answers in Slack (MS Teams, Discord to come). Many teams have been using this to auto-answer cross-team questions.

Image Credits: Danswer

Learn more

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February 14, 2024
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