CodeAnt AI recently launched!!

Launch YC: Elodin - CI/CD for Aerospace

"Don't Waste Developer Time Finding & Fixing Bad Code."

CodeAnt AI helps organizations reduce tech-debt by detecting & auto-fixing bad code across the codebase!

Founded by Amartya Jha and Chinmay Bharti

About CodeAnt AI

Is bad code slowing down your development velocity? Are your developers spending more time fixing code than shipping features? CodeAnt AI handles it!

CodeAnt AI use AI + rule-based engines to detect and auto-fix issues, including anti-patterns, dead & duplicate code, complex functions, security vulnerabilities, and more. Plus, they document your entire codebase. Try now, and get a 7-day free trial for CodeAnt AI Pro.

👾 The Problem

Bad code (e.g., code antipatterns, complex functions, security vulnerabilities, dead & duplicate code, undocumented code) is pushed into production every day across organizations, resulting in:

❌ More bugs

❌ Wasted developer hours

❌ Slower development cycles

❌ Slower developer onboarding

❌ Increased tech-debt

Moreover, even if companies could clean their codebase once, ensuring no bad code will ever be pushed again is a constant challenge.

✨ CodeAnt AI's Solution

CodeAnt AI detects and auto-fixes bad code without breaking any existing code logic. It uses LLMs and rule-based engines to achieve this.

Check out this video:

They enforce clean code practices throughout the organization by using three integrations:

  1. Editor - Clean code using free VS Code and JetBrains IDE extensions.
  2. CI Dashboard - Connect GitHub/Bitbucket and bulk auto-fix up to 200 code files in one go. Enforce clean coding practices by managing rules at every repository.
  3. PR Checker - Detect and auto-fix issues on every pull request.

Check out this
customer success story from Draup Inc!

Image Credits: CodeAnt AI

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CodeAnt AI Pro and get a 7-day Free trial.

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February 19, 2024
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