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Launch YC: 🧠 Centralize - Demystify customer conversations and unlock revenue

"The missing customer intelligence platform for B2B revenue teams"

Centralize is the new way for pre and post-sales teams to fully understand their customers, in one place. It is the missing revenue tool that B2B companies use to win more deals, upsell customers, and eliminate churn.

Founded by Rachit Kataria & Will Wang


Every SaaS company has a revenue problem. Budgets are tightening, which means new deals are harder to close and existing customers are quicker to churn. Now, more than ever, Sales and Success teams need to deeply understand customer conversations across time, tools, and stakeholders.

Unfortunately, this is impossible at scale. All of that revenue-influencing data is hidden in a sea of CRM fields, call transcripts, notes, emails, and tickets. For even the best teams, getting visibility across data silos, sifting through text for hours, and connecting the dots is a herculean task.

The result?

Sales reps can’t reference relevant customer stories during prospect calls to seal the deal. They get bottlenecked internally, hoping Success has the answers. CSMs don’t have the full picture of the customer journey either and can’t maximize upsell and renewal outcomes.

Slower qualification, stalled pipeline, dropped deals, and more churn


Centralize is the first customer intelligence platform that helps B2B revenue teams tell the right story, every time. They automatically centralize (😉) and analyze touch points across high-touch accounts, creating the perfect “customer brain”.

Sales gets a ranked list of reference customers ahead of any prospect call. They get in-context insights about use cases and solutions that can be used to craft a personalized narrative. Reps, new or experienced, always come across as empathetic experts and win more deals.

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Success gets a real-time customer dashboard to understand accounts at a glance. Leadership and ICs can go deeper with instant, self-serve answers to any customer question. Renewals, reporting, and QBRs become a breeze when you know exactly what’s happening on the ground.

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The result?

Qualify 10x faster, boost lead to opportunity conversion rates, win more deals, drive upsells, and eliminate churn

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March 24, 2024
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