Buster has officially launched! Designed for developers, this tool offers a practical solution for data analysis in web applications. It allows users to pull data and create dashboards in plain English, leveraging AI for enhanced interaction with data. Developers can easily connect their database to Buster and add an LLM-powered reporting feature to their web apps. Starting is free, and a Proof of Concept can typically be set up in about 30 minutes. With this launch, Buster introduces an accessible and efficient option to integrate robust data analysis tools into their web applications.

Founded by Blake Rouse and Dallin Bentley

Launch YC: Buster - Enable your customers to chat with their data

Image Credits: Buster

Improving Data Dashboard Functionality and User Experience

Buster helps developers embed an AI self-service data experience directly into their web app. Once embedded, your customers can ask text-based questions about their data, receive answers in seconds, and build their own dashboards.

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Conventional data dashboards can often be limited in terms of flexibility and customization. Buster addresses these limitations by enabling users to extract and visualize data with ease. The platform includes several key features:

  • A customizable front-end UI to fit the design of various web apps.
  • Management options for users, access controls, and data tenancy.
  • Efficient training of the Language Learning Model (LLM) for operational readiness.
  • Methods for collecting user feedback and enhancing the tool over time (RLHF).
  • Tools for monitoring and improving LLM performance.

You can build, deploy, and monitor everything from the platform (or via their APIs).

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The Practical Benefits of Buster

Buster stands out for its straightforward implementation and maintenance, catering to the needs of developers. The platform allows for quick setup of a Proof of Concept, often within 30 minutes, underlining its practicality for businesses seeking to improve their data analysis processes.|

Get Started with Buster

They're live and have customers using Buster in production! Interested in exploring Buster's capabilities? Get started for free at buster.so.

Learn More About Buster

For more information on Buster and to keep up with its latest developments, you can visit:

January 17, 2024
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