Blockscope launched on Y Combinator's "Launch YC" last week.

Launch YC: Blockscope - Easy to use crypto tools for all!

"Easy-to-use data tools for Web3."

Blockscope offers a suite of tools to understand web3 data in a useful way.

Founded by Adit Patel and Maharshi Patel. After building multiple projects in the Web3 space, it was abundantly clear to the team that interacting with on-chain data is an unnecessarily complex process. They're building out a Web3 Data Platform that enables all types of individuals, developers, portfolio managers, institutions or even crypto newcomers to capture, analyze and understand any on-chain data! The goal? Easy to use crypto tools for all.


Blockscope is a data platform with easy to use tools for the most common use cases in web3 like monitoring for on-chain events, crypto forensics, data indexing, investigations, building apps & more! Blockscope is used by crypto users, trading firms, web3 startups and institutions.

❌ Problem:

Web3 has a usability problem, currently any interaction is complex and fragmented. For simple things like getting alerted when money moves to your wallet or understanding what happened in a transaction, it’s like you need a degree in cryptography. As developers, traders, and researchers who faced these issues, the Blockscope team realized that without better tools, web3 adoption will not take off. This is precisely the problem they're solving.

✅ Solution:

At Blockscope they’ve built a suite of tools that work together to help you understand on-chain data in useful ways and take action. All of their tools help with the following:

🔵 Save engineering hours for developers

🔵 Make on-chain data readable and understandable

🔵 Enable traders to take informed actions

🔵 Help monitor & fight against scams, fraud and hacks

🔵 Empower new comers and non-technical individuals

🛠 Tools currently available on Blockscope:
Image Credits: Blockscope

Products 👇

Data Delivery Pipeline Tool - Index blockchain data and deliver anywhere in real-time!

Watchtower Tool - No-code tool to monitor, capture and send alerts based on specific on-chain activity set by users
Image Credits: Blockscope

Tracer Tool - Track funds moving into and out of different wallets
Image Credits: Blockscope

Transaction Decoder Tool - Decode all data in any transaction and understand what is going on! ex: a Flash Loan attack and addresses involved
Image Credits: Blockscope

🚀 Use Cases:

🟡 Devs have built discord bots to notify when specific NFTs in certain collections are listed for sale using Data Delivery Pipelines Tool

🟡 Traders are monitoring for new Uniswap pool creation with Watchtower Tool

🟡 Flash loan attacks can be investigated with Transaction Decoder Tool

🟡 Forensics teams can analyze sanctioned addresses with the Tracer Tool

🟡 Developers can measure DAUs & MAUs and other metrics with Contract Usage Tool

🟡 Understand holdings and activity for any address with Address Profiler Tool

🟡 Devs can trigger state changes for their protocols based on on-chain events with the Webhooks Tool

🟡 + many more!

"Easy to use Crypto & Web3 Tools!"


🌐 Visit to learn more!

👉 Sign up for access at

🗣️ Tell the Blockscope team about any on-chain data issues you’ve had at

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June 27, 2023
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