‎David J. Phillips @davj / 6:00 PM PST • March 6, 2023

Berry launched on Y Combinator’s "Launch YC" last week.

Launch YC: 🍓 Berry - Co-browse and work together in any web app

 is a Chrome Extension that lets you co-browse, collaborate, and annotate in any web app and website with real-time cursors.

Founded by Yan Fu and Ann Chan, who are on a mission to make remote collaboration feel like working side by side again.


Berry works out-of-the-box on any websites, and turns your favorite product tools collaborative with real-time cursors.

Switch presenters in 1 click and co-drive a session smoothly, Image Credits: Berry

Available as a chrome extension that allows you to instantly share, co-browse and collaborate with others on any website with real-time shared cursors.

✅ Command attention instantly by summoning everyone to where your cursor’s at. Image Credits: Berry
  1. Install the Berry Chrome Extension
  2. Copy the link of any website you want to co-browse using Berry
  3. Share it in your meeting or chat tool e.g. Zoom chat, GMeet, Slack
  4. See each other’s cursors in real-time as teammates click through the link and land where you are! (They'll be prompted to install Berry automatically if they haven’t already)

"Save 10 mins per hour long meeting. See instant audience feedback visually."

Image Credits: Berry


  • Customer Onboarding & Training: Show customers how your product works directly in their browser. Observe where they stumble and jump in to help. Scroll and click for them as if you are sitting side by side.
  • Internal Team Collaboration: Plan projects and review briefs in Notion. Groom development tasks in Jira. Review Marketing campaigns in Google Analytics. Co-browse through competitor’s website.
  • New Employee Training: Ramp up your employees to use work software effectively with a hands-on training session. Easily show them how to do multi-step workflows across tools e.g. Research leads on Linkedin and import it to Salesforce


Visit https://www.berryapp.io/ and give it a try!

Tell the Berry team about your use cases and top remote collaboration challenges. Contact them and schedule a 10 min meeting to discuss!

March 6, 2023
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