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Launch YC: Artos - Turning science into regulatory submissions

"Synthesize data into high-quality first drafts for regulatory submissions."

Artos helps life sciences teams turn their data and any other information on their product into submission packages required by CMS and regulatory bodies like the FDA in half the time.

Founded by Varun Patel & Josh Kim

About Artos

Instead of paying lots of money to contractors or spending hundreds of hours writing out documents for regulatory submissions, life sciences teams use this platform to synthesize their data and information on a product into high-quality first drafts of protocols and other documents in minutes, iterate sections in seconds, and meet rigorous document quality standards with near-zero effort.

📁 What are regulatory submissions and why do they matter?

Life sciences’ regulatory submissions - like INDs and PMAs - and similar filings can be thousands of pages long. They contain an exhaustive amount of detail about everything related to a new drug or medical device because these submissions are how health agencies like the FDA decide whether and how a product can be used.

The information for these submissions is spread across a company: experiment reports, meeting notes, conference presentations, and more. A significant amount of the effort that goes into writing these submissions is spent on compiling, reviewing, citing, and writing up that information in the right format for the final submission, which easily adds weeks or months to timelines.

✅ Artos' Solution

Artos’ document-drafting platform helps life sciences companies put together their submission documents in half the time.

Teams can connect to the sources of data they’d usually use to write up a given document, select a template or a sample document they want to base the new document on and get a first draft in minutes.

AI Generated Art

Teams can iterate on sections in seconds.

AI Generated Art

They can use a suite of tools to search documents, find source documentation quickly, and implement changes made in one part of a document across the rest of the document or a larger set of documents.

AI Generated Art
Image Credits: Artos

And, of course, Artos does all this while keeping a company’s data hyper secure.

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February 22, 2024
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