Apten recently launched!

Launch YC: Apten 💬📲 - AI SMS agents

"Engage, follow up, and respond to customers 24/7"

TLDR: They help B2C businesses automate sales, marketing, and customer service through SMS text. Customize Apten, and it’ll proactively reach out, respond at any time, and never forget to follow up.

Founded by Daniel Ho & Roshan Kumaraswamy

Image Credits: Apten

The Problem

Businesses currently rely on humans or traditional SMS automation (drip texting) to qualify and nurture leads. This applies to both inbound leads (e.g., ad -> website -> fills out contact/quote form and leaves phone number) and the re-engagement of existing leads in a CRM.

Example industries where this happens: real estate, insurance, home services

The Solution

An AI SMS assistant that qualifies and nurtures leads in a personable way while responding 24/7 and automatically following up.

Check out their launch Video ⤵️


  • Apten’s knowledge (FAQs, info about your business, specific instructions/rules)
  • Specific conversation flows and follow-up schedules for different types of leads

Apten won’t just chat - it’ll take actions in a way a human would to help your business by proactively:

  • Categorizing/tagging leads based on the conversation
  • Creating notifications based on conditions you define
  • Determining the appropriate time to follow-up based on a lead's response
Image Credits: Apten

They’ll provide white-glove onboarding and support the whole way!

Learn More

🌐 Visit www.apten.ai to learn more

🔥 If you are a business that collects phone numbers from leads, employs virtual assistants or a contact center, or leverages drip texting campaigns or other SMS automation - the Apten team would love to

📝 Book a demo

📧 Reach out via email!

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June 14, 2024
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