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Launch YC: Apriora - Your AI interviewer to identify the best candidates faster

"Hire the best candidates faster"
Hire the best candidates faster: Reduce recruiting overhead, interview more candidates, and make better hiring decisions with Apriora AI.

Founded by
Aaron Wang & John Rytel

The Problem

Interview processes are slow and expensive. Companies spend over $5,000 per hire, most of which is time spent by internal recruiting teams and hiring managers interviewing candidates, and the average length for an interview process is ~30 days.

Existing video interviewing platforms were built to solve this for companies, but their one-way interfaces and cookie-cutter questions create a disappointing candidate experience, resulting in low completion rates and a limited hiring signal.

How does Apriora offer companies the efficiency of interview automation while providing candidates with a personalized, conversational interview experience?

🚀 The Solution

The Apriora AI interviewer conducts real-time video interviews with candidates, including technical screens, phone screens, system design, coding, behavioral, and more.

Unlike interviewing your candidates manually or with an automated assessment, Apriora is:

  • Convenient: Your AI interviewer is ready to interview candidates 24/7 with unlimited capacity.
  • Candidate First: Over 90% of scheduled candidates complete their interviews with an average candidate experience rating of 4.5/5.
  • Reliable: Data-driven feedback after each interview is customized to your hiring goals so you can feel confident that you’re moving forward with the right candidates.
  • Robust: Apriora’s fairness system flags cheating based on multi-modal data, so you can trust your interviewer’s feedback.
  • Accessible: One-click integration with your ATS so you don’t need to change your workflow.
Image Credits: Apriora

Check out a full interview at apriora.ai/demo

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www.apriora.ai to learn more

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April 10, 2024
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