Anneal launched on Y Combinator's "Launch YC" recently!

Launch YC: Anneal - TikTok killer with generative AI tools to create & share video content

"Create & share short-form videos using generative AI tooling"

Anneal: TikTok killer with generative AI tools to create/share video content

Founded by Akash Kashyap & Tyler Kahn. The duo have been best friends and hacking on projects together for almost 10 years now, since they met at AWS where they launched Aurora (the fastest-growing service in AWS history) as part of the engineering team. They're excited about the video and creative tooling space — and are on a mission to make video creation more accessible for everyone.


Anneal is a social platform for creating and sharing short-form video content using generative AI tooling — it's going to disrupt TikTok.

Why Is This The Right Time to Disrupt Incumbents?

AI tooling unlocks a whole new universe of creators. It enables new paradigms of creating captivating content, riffing on existing content, and monetizing unique creative insights.

AI video generation tech is finally getting to a compelling place. What’s less obvious is that AI is equivalent to a major platform shift. The consumer potential for this is largely being ignored. The mobile revolution brought Facebook and Twitter, and before that the web revolution brought Amazon and Google. Now, the AI revolution will bring the next generation of consumer platforms.

Right now, AI video generation is inaccessible to non-technical people at best and unusable at its worst. Creators want access to these tools and they need them in a usable, intuitive, and expressive form factor. This requires radically new thinking around design and UX.

What’s going to change?

In the new world with generative AI tooling, there will be new winners in the social/video space. Anneal is lowering the friction between getting from your creative vision to a great video, which levels up everyone but still lets people express and showcase their unique artistic insights.

Creating a great video will be more like posting a great tweet - your creativity, wit, and artistic ideas will make all the difference.


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⭐ Reach out to the Anneal team and let them know what you’d like Anneal to do for you! They want to hear your thoughts and ideas, or see examples of the kind of content you love. What kinds of cool videos would you create?
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August 23, 2023
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