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Launch YC: Anaphero: Automating patient-facing tasks. Happier clinicians, better care.

"AI Assistants for Better Primary Care"
Addressing healthcare staffing shortages with AI. Hospitals overcome staffing shortages with AI agents that complete patient-facing tasks.

Founded by
Ryan Gallagher, MD and Jeffrey Lamothe

Confronting Healthcare's Staffing Crisis

The American healthcare system faces a daunting challenge: clinician burnout has soared to its highest levels since the pandemic, and aging baby boomers are ballooning the demand for healthcare services. This strain is leading to a critical shortfall in clinicians, jeopardizing patient care quality. Hospitals are now grappling with not only how to retain their workforce but also how to ensure patient loyalty in an increasingly competitive landscape.

The heart of the issue lies in the nature of clinicians' workloads, which include a significant amount of administrative, rules-based tasks ripe for automation. As a result, administrative automation has emerged as the top strategic priority for hospitals and insurers in 2024.

Anaphero is building goal-oriented AI agents to expand clinical capacity

Anaphero addresses healthcare staffing shortages by automating routine but essential tasks. They enable health systems to deploy custom AI agents that interact with patients through text, voice, or video, emulating human clinicians. Their AI agents can answer questions, collect information, and interface with electronic health records. The platform has been built with safety at its core, incorporating proactive bias assessments, continuous risk monitoring, and clinician oversight to maintain high standards of care.

Image Credits: Anaphero

Anaphero's clinical agents can safely do a lot of the work that keeps healthcare running smoothly. This not only increases clinical capacity but also allows doctors and nurses to concentrate on what they find most rewarding—making clinical decisions and counseling patients. The outcome is a workforce of more satisfied clinicians, improved care quality, and more loyal patients.

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April 17, 2024
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