Y Combinator's W23 Stats:

🔸 Total of 282 startups

🔸 Top verticals: Developer Operations, Open Source, and Artificial Intelligence

🔸 17% of Winter 2023 companies have a woman founder, a rise from 15% in the previous batch

Here are the top 5 Generative AI startups in the Winter 2023 batch focused on Data & Analytics👇

1️⃣ Lume - "Automate custom data integrations with AI"

Location: New York
Image Credits: Lume

Lume is a no-code tool to generate and maintain custom data integrations. Users can automatically transform data between any start and end data formats.

"AI that builds your integration pipeline in minutes"

Lume uses AI to automatically transform data between any start and end schema, and pipes the data directly to your desired destination.

The no-code platform helps engineers build and maintain custom data integrations with AI. Whether you want to map multiple sources to your internal unified schema or connect to your third-party apps without manual mapping, Lume delivers.

Use Case Examples:

✅ Internal: Transforming separate data sources into one unified internal ontology

Ex: a unified schema between Salesforce, Hubspot, Quickbooks, and Pipedrive.

✅ External: Custom syncs between your SaaS apps

Ex: Enrich CRM data from multiple sources before sending it to your BI tool

✅ Onboarding: Mapping prospective client data to fit your product’s input schema

Ex: Consulting firms mapping each new clients’ unique ERP schemas to their internal ontology on Snowflake.

✅  Migration: Creating custom integration pipelines between competitor products to yours

Ex: New productivity tool startup creates an “Import from Notion/Evernote” for newly converted users.

Image Credits: Lume

Founded by Robert RossNicolas Machado, and Nebyou Zewde. The Lume team is on a mission to empower companies to focus on delivering their core value proposition rather than spending time on data integrations and transformations.

Image Credits: Lume

Engineers can spend more time delivering their core value to customers instead of wrangling and manually mapping data with Lume's 👇

🔹 Automated Transformations & Data Delivery

🔹 Backtesting & Data Quality Checks

🔹 Version Control

🌐 Visit www.lume.ai to learn more
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2️⃣ Neptyne - "The programmable spreadsheet."

Location: New York

Image Credits: Neptyne

Neptyne is a spreadsheet using a powerful Python (Jupyter notebook) computation engine. The python-based spreadsheet is built from the ground-up for both human and AI collaboration, to go from raw data to useful insights and visualizations at lightning speed.

Use Case Examples:

✅ Financial Trading Applications

✅ Personal Fitness Tracking

✅ Twitter Bot Automation

➕ Many more

Image Credits: Neptyne

"It's like having a co-worker next to you who knows Python well and can help you write new code, change existing code or even explain what’s going on."
Image Credits: Neptyne

Founded by Douwe Osinga & Jack Amadeo. Douwe: founder of 4 companies, ex-Google. Jack: prev. Sidewalk Labs, Compass, Bloomberg. The team is on a mission to create the world's most productive data platform and make spreadsheets programmable by leveraging the power of Python & AI.

With Neptyne, you can use spreadsheet expressions like you normally would, but you can also write Python code and use its many powerful features directly in your spreadsheet. This allows you to create complex applications beyond what traditional spreadsheets can do, without needing extensive programming skills.

🌐 Visit www.neptyne.com to learn more
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3️⃣ Defog.ai - "ChatGPT for data, embedded in your app"
Location: Singapore
Image Credits: Defog.ai

Defog embeds in your app and lets your users query data in seconds, using everyday language.

"Embed data superpowers in your app."

Defog is powered by large language models that can search and visualize both structured data (like SQL databases or Data Warehouses) and unstructured data (like text in call transcripts).

Use Case Examples:

Fintech companies could provide deep insights based on users’ transaction history.

Video meeting tools could extract common complaints across customer calls and make them easy to discover.

Social media platforms could replace generic analytics dashboards with more specific metrics.

Image Credits: Defog.ai

Founded by Rishabh Srivastava & Medha Basu. Rishabh: ML developer, previously bootstrapped data APIs co to 100M+ monthly end users, Blogs at rish.blog and is fairly active on Twitter (@rishdotblog). Medha Leads: former journalist/editor/content marketing person. Grew an enterprise content marketing firm from $0 to 7 figures in yearly revenue.

🌐 Visit www.defog.ai to learn more
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4️⃣ Helicone - "Open-source observability platform for generative AI companies"
Location: San Francisco

Image Credits: Helicone

Helicone is an open-source observability platform for companies building with generative AI. With one line of code, companies log requests made to providers like OpenAI and monitor their costs, result quality, and latency.

"Instead of building tools to monitor your generative AI product, use Helicone to get instant observability of your requests."

Helicone logs your completions and tracks the metadata of your requests. It is an analytics interface for understanding your metrics broken down by users, models, and prompts with visual cards. It caches your completions to save on bills, and helps you overcome rate limits with intelligent retry techniques. Track costs, usage, and latency for GPT applications with one line of code.

Image Credits: Helicone

Founded by Barak Oshri, Scott Nguyen, and Justin Torre. Barak brings machine learning expertise: 7+ years doing research, teaching, and engineering across Stanford AI Lab and Sisu Data. Scott brings UX and finance expertise: 4+ years across Tesla, Bain Capital, and DraftKings. Justin brings platform and full-stack expertise: 7+ years across Apple, Intel, and Sisu Data. Mission: make it extremely straightforward to observe and manage the use of language models.

🌐 Visit 
www.helicone.ai to learn more
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5️⃣ Turntable - "AI-native operating system for analytics teams"

Location: New York

Turntable is an AI-powered, collaborative toolkit that helps data teams find, contextualize, and transform data.

"Transform data at warp speed"

Turntable allows less technical analysts to build their own data pipelines. It helps data teams find, contextualize and transform data. Companies use their AI-native workspace to scale their analytics without hiring more engineers. It is a collaborative tool to create and manage data pipelines - built from the ground up with AI.

Image Credits: Turntable
🔹 Built-in AI copilot

Turntable makes coding recommendations and writes first drafts of schema files and documentation

🔹 New ways to build your DAG

Query inline. EDA in one click. Even draft your dbt code in a notebook first

🔹 Collaborate in real time

The rest of your company can collaborate in their core tools, why can’t data teams?

🔹 Get the bird’s eye view

Easily view and search end-to-end lineage and documentation without having to open a different tool

Image Credits: Turntable

Founded by Wally Gurzynskii, Ian Tracey, and Justin Leder. Justin led commercial data science at Cruise where he managed a team of data scientists that spent 70% of their time managing data pipelines in DBT. Ian was the tech lead for growth & data engineering teams at Pinterest and Stripe, where he had to build internal tools and hacks to get around data pipeline constraints. Wally led product for Twitter’s Home Timeline team, which would often be blocked on the creation of new metrics and data pipelines- slowing down product development and learning. Together, they started Turntable because they believe that generative AI has created an opening to build a new standard for data transformation tools.

🌐 Visit www.turntable.so to learn more
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April 11, 2023
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